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Eleuthero - know as Siberian ginseng has been used for thousands of years to support immunity, boost energy, boost mood and increase endurance.

  1. Eleuthero can boost immune function (
  1. Shown anti-viral potential (
  1. Support memory, learning and growth of new brain cells. (
  1. Have benefit of a powerful antioxidant (
  1. Reduces the effects of fatigue and could improve oxygenation. (
  1. May support blood sugar and insulin levels (

Ginseng - Has been used in traditional chinese medicine for years.  American ginseng is prized for it’s benefits of relaxation. 

Studies have shown it to modulate immune function ( and produce an anti-arthritic effect ( and be considered an “immunity booster” (

Ashwagandha -  Has been used by healers for over 3 thousand years to eliminate inflammation, balance immunity, increase concentration, improve stress and increase energy (

Reduces cortisol and stress response (

Can increase testertone in men ( This is due to Ashwagandha ability to increase DHEA in men can be used to support testerone and women to support healthy estrogen levels)

Reduces cholesterol, lowers blood sugar (

Could exhibit inflammation and neuroprotection against systemic LPS (LPS bacteria that enter the blood stream with intestinal permeability).  Could protect the brain against systemic inflammation being beneficial for people suffering with inflammation stemming from a leaky gut (

Rhodiola - This plant exact has been used by Chinese, Russian and Scandinavian cultures for herbal medicine for thousands of years.  Its root contains more than 140 active ingredients, mostly Rhodioloa has been used to help with anxiety, depression and fatigue. 

Could improve fatigue, stress, exhaustion and anxiety ( 

Could improve performance and reduce mental fatigue (

Possible to improve athletic performance (

Can act like antioxidant in red blood cells (

Can improve endurance exercise performance. (

Rhodiola rosea has robust traditional and pharmacological evidence of use in fatigue, and emerging evidence supporting cognition and mood (