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Dr Brad Gorski



After being in one of the top hospital in the country and given a diagnosis of “good luck”, I never doubted my body had the ability to heal. Many tests and doctors came back with a laundry list of supplements/herbs, but was this the cause or just an effect of autoimmunity? I spent thousands of dollars on products that didn’t work because they didn’t address my “leaky gut”.

Finally, after enough time experimenting I discovered the nutrients, along with my Turned On Living nutritional protocol, that consistently worked to reduce all of my symptoms - results such as all day energy, mental clarity, lower inflammation, productive sleep, less stress and anxiety, better digestion and no food allergies were just the beginning.

You most likely have been searching for answers and I’ve spend a long time to ensure the highest quality, non-toxic, effective and most affordable products. Finally, I have put together this program and I am excited to see you eliminate unwanted symptoms and share them with you today.