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The Benefits of Bone Broth | Discover This Superfood

August 07, 2017

When you think of healing superfoods, what is the first food that appears in your mind? Leafy greens? Nutrient dense fruits? While imagery derived from these two categories is most popular when discussing superfoods, there is another critical (and often overlooked) superfood to incorporate in your diet, discover the benefits of bone broth. For thousands of years, this has been used to heal and nourish the body.  More recently, the use of a broth fast has emerged as a wonderful, non-reactive and non-allergenic method of helping the body achieve optimal health. When used as part of an intermittent fast, the benefits of bone broth can boost energy levels, restore gut health, improve the quality of your skin, decrease joint pain, and more.  

What Is Bone Broth?

Bone broth is a homemade broth that is created using parts of one type of meat (such as chicken, beef bones, fish, or turkey). Nutrient dense foods (such as Celtic Sea Salt and apple cider vinegar) are added to the meat to help create the finished product. The resulting broth is loaded with an impressive number of trace minerals, amino acids, and electrolytes.  

What Makes This Broth So Healthy?

The benefits of bone broth can help many individuals because of its high nutrient content. It is particularly rich in collagen, electrolytes, trace minerals, glucosamine, and numerous amino acids. Many of the nutrients found in bone broth are often challenging to find in other foods, making it a rare commodity in the world of health food. Therefore, due to its unmatched benefits, it is essential to make it a staple in your diet.  

Collagen Benefits

One of the top benefits, (specifically, beef bone broth) is its collagen content. Collagen is a protein found throughout the body. Its core function is to “provide structure and strength,” most notably to the skin. The collagen found in beef bone broth is type II collagen. Type II collagen is required for cellular healing and cellular regeneration. Collagen is the most plentiful protein found in the body, it must be regularly replenished due to constant depletion. Most diets fall short of the amount needed to help restore proper levels in the body. Because true healing needs to take place at a cellular level, collagen plays a crucial role in repairing the cells found in the gut, the skin, and other parts of the body. The broth replenishes collagen levels, which helps repair damage and restore balance.  

Fasting Using Broth?

While the benefits of bone broth can be enjoyed apart from a fast, intermittent fasting provides additional advantages. A fast works in three distinct ways to help provide the body with incredible health benefits: 1) It redirects the energy the body uses in digestion into healing, 2) Eliminates foods that can cause additional inflammation, 3) Nourishes the body and decreases existing inflammation. The first benefit of a bone broth fast is the redirection of the body’s energy into healing existing damage. Digesting food requires a sizable amount of energy. While the exact percentage varies depending on the type of food consumed, we spend approximately 10% of our daily energy on digesting and absorbing food. When solid foods are removed for a period of time, the energy that is normally spent on digestion can be used for other purposes. Giving your system a break from your normal diet is a fantastic way to help the body restore itself. Secondly, a fast also eliminates the chance of creating further inflammation and damage within the body. Even the healthiest of diets can contain foods that cause inflammation. For those suffering from digestive conditions, this eliminates foods that could potentially trigger a reaction. Finally, as mentioned earlier, the benefits of bone broth are abundant. The nutrients that are packed into every sip of this healing superfood nourish and cleanse the entire body. During a broth fast, each one of these nutrients goes to work by healing the cells, replenishing nutrient levels, and restoring much needed balance.  

What Are The Benefits Of Bone Broth?

Those who choose to engage in consuming it expect to be rewarded with tremendous health benefits. While individuals with certain conditions may experience the highest level of healing, bone broth benefits will be evident for almost everyone. Some expected benefits of fasting and bone broth include:
  • Decreased fatigue
  • Improved digestion (R)
  • Repair of tissues in the gut (R)
  • Improved skin, hair, and nails
  • Reduced brain fog (R)
  • Increased detoxification
  • Decreased joint pain
  • Increased sleep quality (R)
  • Anti aging and antioxidant effects (R)
  • Possible improvement in lowering LDL cholestrol and triglyercides (R)
  • Balancing immune response (R)
  • Improved emotional well being & weight loss (R)
  • Improves insulin sensitivity, blood pressure & oxidative stress (R)
For those who suffer from digestive disorders, a fast can be the answer to help provide much needed relief. While a bone broth fast is beneficial for a variety of health ailments and symptoms, it is extraordinarily beneficial for those who have been diagnosed with digestive conditions (including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s, colitis, and leaky gut syndrome). The benefits individuals with these conditions because of the combination of nutrients found in the broth. As mentioned earlier, a bone broth fast is especially high in amino acids, electrolytes, and minerals. These nutrients are exceptional for healing and restoring the gut.  

How Is Bone Broth Made?

Preparing your bone broth is relatively simple. All bone broth fast recipes include the use of one of the following: chicken, beef bones, fish, or turkey. From there, most recipes will include a blend of vegetables, Celtic Sea Salt, purified water, and apple cider vinegar. The combination of these ingredients works in conjunction to provide maximum health benefits. For your first fast, try this organic bone broth recipe. If preparing your own bone broth is too time-consuming Bare Bones Bone Broth can ship directly to your house. bone broth fasting

What Is The Best Way To Maximize The Healing Power?

Following a bone broth fast allows the body to achieve true balance and healing. Inflammation is significantly reduced by abstaining from inflammatory foods, as well as calming existing inflammation with the broth. Adhering to a bone broth fast is the best and most optimal way to achieve the benefits of bone broth. It is excellent for those with food intolerances and allergies, as well as for those with sensitive stomachs. However, if a fast is not possible, you can still experience the benefits. Regularly consuming a cup or two of bone broth will still allow you to experience the benefits of bone broth. Whether you choose a fast or to simply enjoy bone broth benefits as a part of your regular diet, don’t forget to make this one of your new go-to superfoods. Follow the guide below to get started getting the benefits of bone broth:
  • Bone broth fasts:  Instead of using a traditional water fasting method just consume a minimum of 2 cups of broth a day for 1-3 days.  (This is best attempted with the direction of a health coach or doctor)
  • 24-hour fasting benefits: Eat a healthy big dinner and start fasting on bone broth until the next dinner.
  • While fasting on bone broth add Celtic sea salt, coconut oil and grass-fed butter to help starve off cravings and make the fast easier.  This method can work will with people who struggle with candida/yeast problems.
  • Consume 1-2 cups of broth a day for 30 days to reboot the digestive system.
  • Drink one cup of bone broth before bed, add 6,000IU of Vitamin D3 with K2 to give your body necessary nutrients while it recovers and repairs at night. Liquid vitamin D is the best for this strategy, it's absorption is much higher than a pill.
  the benefits of bone broth

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